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  BGA Rework Station ZM-R380C

 BGA Rework Station ZM-R380C


1 Total power 3000W
2 Top heater 800W
3 Bottom heater 2000W
4 Power supply single-phase 220VAC 50/60Hz   3KVA
5 Machine Dimension 450×380×580mm
6 Positioning V-groove for PCB positioning, Max PCB size: 320 × 300mm
7 Temperature control high-precision K Sensor thermocouple
8 Weight of machine about 25kg


1. Choose imported high-precision materials (temperature sensor, PLC, heater) to control the BGA desoldering & soldering   procedures precisely.

2. Top & bottom temperature areas heat independently, And it can set up 8 rising temperature segments and 8 constant temperature segments to control. It can save 10 groups of temperature curves at the same time.

3. Choose imported high-precision thermocouple to detect top/bottom temperature precisely.

4. Top & bottom heaters can be controlled independently by the temperature graphs. A cross-flow fan cools rapidly to protect the PCB from deformation when welding.

5. After finishing desoldering & soldering, there is an alarming. The machine is equipped with a vacuum suction pen to facilitate the removing of BGA after desoldering.

6. Use a V-groove equipped with a flexible fixture for PCB positioning to protect the PCB.

7. For large thermal capacity of PCB or other high-temperature and lead-free welding requirements, all can be handled easily.

Download user manual of ZM-R380C.

Click here to view video demo for ZM-R380B.


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