Профессиональное оборудование для ремонта и диагностики компьютерной техники



Power Supply Tester

Power Supply Tester


  1. 20/24-pin motherboard, 4-pin and 8-pin cpu, 6-pin PCI-e, 4-pin Molex, 4-pin floppy, Serial-ATA connectors.

  2. Easy to check ATX power supply.

  3. Aluminum case.

  4. Blue lighted LCD display.

  5. Accurate voltage indicator +/- 0.1V (+12V1/+5V/+3.3V/5VSB/+12V2/-12V)

  6. ATX P.G. value display.

  7. Lower or higher P.G. values alarm.

  8. Under-voltage detected alarm.

  9. Over-voltage alarm.

  10. No voltage detected alarm.

  11. Support ATX / BTX / ITX Power Supply.

The methods of operation:

  1. Plug power supply 24 PIN and P4, P6 or P8 into the corresponding jack of the power test suit.

  2. Power on the supply of power, will hear ”DuDu” ring; if no flicker then the Power supply output voltage is normal.

  3. If a certain voltage signal was not detected, or the detected voltage value over the normal, will issue a DuDu long buzzer; if the corresponding voltage value or PG flicker too, then the power is failed.


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