Профессиональное оборудование для ремонта и диагностики компьютерной техники





HD HPE PRO: A Must-Have hardware level of disk repair and data recovery equipment, which enables you an easy and exact drive disassembling and HEAD stack/Platter exchange.

Main Features:
Easy to use; Universal-fit workbench; Pioneer platter exchanger; change multiple platters without moving the platters out of alignment with each other; Special Actuator Remover with strong magnetism works(removal, installation) easily on the upper magnet of the actuator.

Universal-fit workbench assures you to operate on your HD on a relatively stable table, making your job easier and more reliable.
Pioneer platter exchanger maintains the original cylinder status by removing and placing each platter of the multiple platters together, so that allows you to change multiple platters without moving the platters out of alignment with each other which otherwise will result in data corruption.
Special Actuator Remover assures you to perform easy operation (removal, installation) on the upper magnet of the actuator which is very hard to be removed and put back because of its strong magnetism and it’s sensitive and embarrassed position (being very close to both the Head Stack and Media Platter), in case it slips out and touch either of its fragile neighbors during the operations — the consequences will be a disaster.


packing list:

1.Universal-fit Workbench   1pc;

2.Multiple Platter Exchanger   4pcs;

3.Stable Actuator Exchanger   1pc;

4.Rubber Blow-away   1pc;

5.Universal screw driver kit   1set;

6.demo cd   1pc.

Data sheet on the hdd repair hardware HD HPE PRO

Click to download the video demo for HD HPE PRO.



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