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2424D HDD Duplicator


2424D HDD Duplicator


Product Introduction:

The 2424D HDD Duplicator supports for all 2.5Ф/ 3.5Ф PATA & SATA HDD. It offers PATA & SATA to USB 2.0 interface for connecting with PC or notebook. The design is simple and easy to install and use hard drives. It provides the USB 2.0 high speed of 480Mbps to reach best data-storage performance.

2424D has two system modes: one mode is Duplicator mode which has Copy/Compare/Pre-scan/Erase, another mode is Raid mode which has Raid0/Raid1/Normal/JBOD. It can usage stand alone without PC in Duplicator mode. Display is very easy to catch your sight and definitely offers a convenient and economical way for portable storage solution.

Make perfect copies/backups of entire hard disk drives or access your drives via USB 2.0 connection to your computer and set up a RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD (Spanning) or Normal disk configuration.

This essential tool for building, upgrading and backing up computer systems requires no computer to run, eliminating the need to tie up a computer for hours running complex software to duplicate hard disk drives.

Additionally, this fully-featured duplicator gives you total control with advanced functions such as Compare, Prescan, and Erase.

  • Sector-by-sector stand alone hard disk drive cloning;
  • Dual Disk RAID Controller via USB 2.0 with 4 modes: RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD (Spanning), Normal;
  • Supports 2.5Ф and 3.5Ф SATA I/II hard disk drives;
  • Supports IDE hard disk drives with IDE cables (not included);
  • Compact and Portable;
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac 10.3 or later, Linux.

  • Specifications:


    1. PATA / SATA HDD portable copy-station suitable for all 2.5Ф & 3.5Ф HDD;

    2. USB 2.0 Raid bridge external station suitable for all 2.5Ф& 3.5Ф HDD;

    3. Duplicator mode: Copy / Compare / Pre-scan / Erase;

    4. Easy handling over display Raid mode: Raid0 / Raid1 / Normal / JBOD;

    5. Stand alone usage without PC (Duplicator mode).


    • Copy station   1pc
    • USB cable   1pc
    • Power supply   1pc
    • AC cable   1pc
    • IDE cable   2pcs
    • ATX-4pin power cable   2pcs
    • 3.5Ф to 2.5Ф IDE converter   2pcs
    • Protection cap for connectors
    • User manual   1pc

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