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4 Bits PCI / ISA Motherboard Diagnostic Card

4 Bits PCI / ISA Motherboard Diagnostic Card

Product Features:

  • Easy installation--just plug into the PCI 0r ISA interface.

  • Support 80H, 84H, 300H interface.

  • Intercept and hex the code of your booting computer.

  • 8 LED indicator: +3.3V, +5V, -12V, +12V, RESET, FREME, IDRY, CLK.

  • Hexadecimal character display.

  • Test and display the mainboard BUS speed .

  • Self test signal alarm.

  • S1 key, support code preview and next.

  • Detailed & precise LED Function Table and Code Indication Table, convenient for you consulting.

  • Compliant to all mainstream mainboard.


  • Some PCI or ISA slot of the just display parts of the code instead of whole codes. Please replace the analyzer card for whole display.

  • The meaning of the same code is different to different BIOS (AMI, Award, PHOENIX). Please make it clear which your BIOS is before looking up the code in the relative table.

  • Please read the User's Guide carefully when you have any problem.


  • Device Type: PC Analyzer Card.

  • Interface Type: PCI, ISA.

  • Dimension: 90 x 83 x 11 mm

  • Weight: 42g



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