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4 Bits Laptop LPT Diagnostic Card

4 Bits Laptop LPT Diagnostic Card

This motherboard diagnostic card, also known as a 'POST card' (power on self test), is a powerful diagnostic tool for technicians and administrators to troubleshoot various problems of compatible laptop by using the 25 pin parallel printer port (LPT) and USB port (for power).


  • Check the hardware in minutes.

  • Pinpoint problems you don't even know you have.

  • Easy installation with no need to open the computer case to use.

  • Does no harm to the device while insert into the wrong slot of the main board.

  • Designed to work on desktop as well as notebook computers through the USB port (for power) and the 25 pin parallel printer port (LPT).

  • Must use the parallel port and the USB port at the same time to operate this analyzer.


  • Interface Type: 25 pin male printer connecter.

  • 2 LED indicator: KEY, +5V.

  • Hexadecimal character display.

  • 2 keys for codes PREV /NEXT.

  • Compliant BIOS: PHOENIX BIOS4.01~6.01, AMI BIOS 6.24, AWARD BIOS 4.51

  • Concrete Computer Type: IBM, T20, T21, T22, T23, A20, A21, A22, DELL640, TOSHIBA 4030, etc.


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