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3012DS 3 SATA HDD USB2.0 Adapter


3012DS 3 SATA HDD USB2.0 Adapter

  • Easy to install and remove the hard disk drive;
  • USB2.0 input interface;
  • Available for 3 SATA devices in same time;
  • Support USB2.0 to Serial ATA interface transfer speed up to 480Mbps;
  • Suitable for 2.5"/3.5" Serial ATA HDD;
  • One touch backup function;
  • Attached HDDs duplication function without PC system;
  • Power supply: AC100-240V input, DC 12V-5A output;
  • Operation system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS or above.


  • Adapter   1pc
  • Manual   1pc
  • CD Driver   1pc
  • 12V 5A DC Power Supply   1pc
  • USB Cable   1pc
  • SATA Cable   1pc


1. The capacity of target hd must equal to or bigger than the resource hd. if you press the backup button more than 5 seconds, and the LED not light, means it don't meet the requirement.

2. After the hdd duplication start, all data in the target hd would be formatted, please backup the data before do it.

3. About the duplication speed, in theory, its transfer speed is 60-80MB/s, after we test, for a 80GB hdd, it takes about 25 minutes to finish the duplication. so the speed is about 3500MB per minute.

4. The duplication time depends on the capacity of hard disk, has nothing to do with the data in the hdd. for a 1TB hdd, the duplication time is about 312.5 minutes, about 5.2 hours.


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