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2 Bits Motherboard Diagnostic Card


2 Bits Motherboard Diagnostic Card


No harm to the device while inserting the card in ISA slot wrongly or right about; it can be inserted in PCI AND ISA. The globally unique main board run indicator LED is on it; It can not only display that the computer crashes because of repeating reset in black screen, but also test important signals of the Main board even without CPU and so on when power is on. Internal Onboard Speaker, External Speaker attachment and external display function (those are selectable components to be bought). Adding much explanation of POST codes for most type of BIOS into users manual.


  • 4 LEDs that can hint whether power supply is failing, easy to read LED Display on the Display, indicate exactly what is wrong with your notebook in just seconds.

  • Works with virtually all BIOS (including AMI, Award, MR, Quadtel, Compaq, AST, Phoenix, HP, and all motherboards that use these BIOS). Perfect tool to use when your computer simply shows a blank screen and doesn't boot

  • Drastically reduce troubleshooting time

  • Quick and easy to install into an open PCI or ISA slot of PC motherboard


  • Device Type: PC Analyzer Card.

  • Interface Type: ISA, PCI interface.

  • Dimension: 88.45x81.83mm

  • Weight: 30g



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